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A chiropractor performs a brief examination and then recommends an appropriate plan of care for your symptoms that will include: chiropractic adjustments, restoring motion to tight joints, and recommending stretches and exercises to increase range of motion.


Acupuncture/Dry Needling

Dr. Linda uses a combination of traditional acupuncture and modern dry-needling techniques for pain relief, relaxation, and promoting healing. Try acupuncture for headaches, knee pain, muscle tightness, fertility, neck pain, morning sickness, sciatica, ankle pain, postoperative pain, low back pain, and depression/anxiety.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a safe, natural treatment for a variety of symptoms related to muscle tension. 

Deep Tissue Massage: Relief for muscle pain and tightness in the shoulder, neck, back, or legs, and treatment of tension-type headaches.

Swedish Massage: A lighter, full-body approach to decrease stress and promote relaxation.



Cupping is a form of massage therapy that decompresses soft tissues using vacuum suction, unlike other forms of massage that compress soft tissues. During cupping, the cup gently sucks to your skin and lifts underlying soft tissue into the cup. This promotes blood flow to the compromised area, enhances circulation, and helps to increase the body's own healing processes. Try cupping for muscle tightness and pain.


IASTM (Scraping)

Instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation or IASTM, sometimes referred to as "scraping", involves the use of a metal tool over areas of muscle tension, similar to massage, to promote healing and reduce pain.


Book an Appointment

Call (641) 782-3199 and schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Linda or Dr. Gabe. We can discuss your symptoms and let you know which treatment would work best.

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